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YEBC is a Buddhist temples-based community socio-economic development organization. It is not-for-profitable and politically-unaffiliated. It also bears no distinction of race, social stratum, gender and religious faith. It has founded since 1999 by a Cambodian monk and it is officially recognized by the government through the Ministry of Interior under the code number 938 S.J.N dated in July 26, 2006. The main goal, vision and mission are to achieve sustainable socio-economic development.

If we are planning for a day, we grow rice
If we are planning for 20 years, we grow tree
If we are planning for future generation, we grow leaders.
Through leadership, we strongly believe in community-based development through social participation and volunteering of the Buddhist monks throughout Cambodia.


  • Self-awareness: emotional self-awareness, accurate self-assessment and self-confidence.
  • Self management: self-control, transparency, adaptability, achievement, initiative and optimism.
  • Social awareness: empathy, organizational awareness and service.
  • Relationship management: inspirational leadership, influence, developing others, change catalyst, conflict management, building bonds and teamwork.
  • Risk Taker: capability of predicting, foreseeing and projecting future; and taking risk to pursue changes.
  • Peace: pursuing mindfulness and consciousness through meditation as the vehicle to face all hardship and difficulties.
  • Diversity: respect cultural and individual differences and is inclusive in work activities. Utilize and recognize the contribution of different perspectives.
  • Trust: promote open communication, accepts and acts on open and honest feedback, take responsibilites for actions and admits mistakes.
  • Respect: practises patience and active listening. Show patience, tolerance and concern for people at all levels and from all backgrounds.
  • Integrity: keep commitments and promises, displays and reinforces the highest ethical standard, accurately represents own competencies.
  • Excellence: insist on excellence in all things, provide recognition beyond wins and billability, continuously strive to innovate and improve, contributes to and stays current with developments in the field.

Youths and 60,000 Buddhist monks in more than 4000 temples throughout the country are our target who should become effective frontline leaders for community-based development.

1- To enhance human resource development in widening wisdom and practical ability for sustainable community-based development stressing on leadership capacity building to Buddhist monks, youths and students.

2- To produce frontline leaders such as Buddhist monks for national socio-economic development. The methodology would emphasis on techniques for effective delivery of teachings, poverty reduction, family peace, social harmony, social counseling, spiritual guidance, and world view of globalization.

3- To promote ethics, proper attitude and responsibility for all Khmer youths as they are the young seed of society; to heal and prevent them from drugs, delinquency, relinquishing and gangster.

4- To facilitate space for children, teenagers and youths the opportunity of learning and practicing the Dhamma, so that they are able to apply in their daily lives as well as to nurture social and natural environment.

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